Could The Malaysia Airlines Missing Jet Be An Act Of Piracy?


The associated press has reported that some U.S. investigators are now looking into the possibility of the jet’s disappearance being an act of piracy. Based on this theory, the investigators are now looking into whether the flight deck was compromised and if the plane may have landed somewhere rather than crashed. This latest theory comes after new information shows that the plane may have flown for hours after it’s last transponder ping based on different pings from another communication system. Investigators say that the key piece of evidence that there was human intervention is that the plane’s transponder stopped sending pings several minutes before the communication system went out.

If this theory does prove to be true, it’s likely the pirates stole all of the passengers phones so that they couldn’t make contact. This theory could also potentially explain why no signs of a plane crash have been sighted yet. But still there is the question of why the pirates haven’t made contact yet. No formal answers can be made to this question, obviously, but it could be that the pirates are trying to move the hostages to more secure location.

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