**MOST HEALTHY** Car Air Purifier Ionize. Removes Cigarette Smoke, bacteria, unbearable odor, removes bad smells from – a cigarette, pets (dogs, cats, fish etc.), trash, gas, dust, gasoline, mold, etc. Minimize the risk of Bird Flu, Avian Influenza i.e H5N1, H7N9 and even helps to decrease stress, blood pressure and skin temperature. Also known as – Auto Small Gadget Pure Air Smoke Odor Cleaner Eater Eliminator (Remover) for Room, Home, Office, Car.(If you need an indoor adaptor, write to us to get one at Special Rate)

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M Goodees Car Purifier and Ionizer. We are Different!

M Goodees car purifier is a patented product that stands out on its world among the other car purifiers in the market. BEWARE of Faked car purifiers that look alike with Different brands that claim to have the same function and technology as us, ONLY M GOODEES has been recognized and covered by the Singapore Media and Bloggers

1) There will be a blue light and buzzing sound given out by the car purifier when you plug it into the power socket of the car and turn on your engine. The buzzing sound is proof of the car purifier generating Ozone. Different people may have different sensitivity to the sound. Generally the ozone – producing sound is usually quieter during the day than night when you use it.

2) There are some buyers that have the misconception that the car purifier is not working because they can’t feel that it is working and can’t smell the Ozone.

Do a simple DIY test to show how our car purifier is always working for you in your car.

a) Make some smoke into a clear plastic bottle and make sure the smoke don’t escape

b) Cover the smoke filled plastic bottle over the car purifier

c) Supply power to the car purifier, wait for 15 sec, you should witness the smoke being dispelled

Take reference from our video, youtube.com/watch?v=OOW1cdhHZ_8

Our M.GOODEES car purifier has undergone stringent test to obtain approval for CE, FCC and RoHS certification so that while you are enjoying fresh air, your health will not be compromised. It is our responsibility to ensure that the Ozone emitted and the negative ions are within very safe range.

Use it constantly for at least 15 -20min every day for 3 weeks, you will see the desirable results you wanted with this product or seek a refund if u cannot see the desire results.

BACKGROUND: Industry Leader in Air Purifier and Ionizer. Patented technology that would
FUNCTION: Provides Negative Ions + Ozone. Negative Ions are perceived as the vitamins in the air; Ozone eliminates virus, bacteria and bad odor and reduces the chance of infectious diseases.
SPECIFICATIONS: Light indicator on once it is connected. Easy to connect and hassle free. Comes in Blue, Black and Red. Weight – 38g, Voltage: 12 V/ DC, Negative ions concentration: 4000000 PCS/cm3, Ozone concentration: 6 mg/h, keep within temperature of -10C to 45C.
QUALITY AND ASSURANCE: We are CE (Conformite Europeene), RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and FCC ( Federal Communications Commission) – CERTIFIED and APPROVED. It is safe to use our product. Additional Credential: Media Coverage in Both Singapore Best Selling Chinese Entertainment Magazine, Most Popular Health Magazine and Most Circulated Evening Papers. One of the Top 10 Singapore Blogger review on this ( alvinology.com/2014/05/18/m-goodees-car-and-air-purifier-ionizer/ )
CAPABILITY: Cleans and purifies the surrounding air in the enclosed area ( area not exceeding 12 cubic metres). Remove cigarette smoke smell, pet smell, dust, bacteria and unbearable odor. Also minimize the risk of Bird Flu/ Avian Influenza i.e H5N1, H7N9. Don’t just take our words, do a simple DIY test to believe: Find a transparent plastic bag or a clear glass and make some smoke into it. Then cover the smoke filled bag or glass over the car purifier and turn on your engine to supply power to the car purifier. Wait for 12-15 sec, you should be able to witness the smoke being dispel.




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